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Criminal business law

Criminal business law


Criminal business law

prevention and management of criminal risk

We advise you in the prevention of criminal risk and assist you in the event of prosecution.

  • Preventive analysis of criminal risk within the corporation: audits of documents and practices, assistance in the implementation of the “DUER” (document unique d’évaluation des risques – unique risk evaluation document and prevention plans), support in drawing up delegation of authority
  • Assistance and defence of corporate entities and company directors, executive managers and delegated managers, defendants or plaintiffs, during all phases of the criminal proceedings: preparation for hearings, drafting complaints, assistance in the event of police custody and open hearings, follow-up of criminal investigations, preparation and assistance for hearings before the Tribunal correctionnel (criminal court)
criminal labour law

Our expertise covers all offences under criminal labour law

  • Violations in regard to hygiene and safety, unintentional offences (involuntary injuries and involuntary homicide) following a workplace accident or occupational illness: preparation for oral and written arguments with the authorities: Labour Inspectorate, “CARSAT”, Police, Gendarmerie
  • Psycho-social risks: prevention and assistance in the event of psychological or sexual harassment (implementation of measures to prevent harassment, investigative measures and follow-up, assistance in the event of prosecution for harassment)
  • Discrimination, obstruction of labour representatives’ rights and actions
  • Posted work, undeclared employment, unlawful loan of labour, illegal subcontracting
criminal business law

We assist and represent corporate clients and company directors in criminal proceedings, working with our teams from corporate law and tax

  • Misappropriation of corporate assets
  • Tax evasion and money laundering
  • Economic offences: terms of payment, invoicing
  • Breach of trust, fraud and forgery
  • Cybercrime
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