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Employment law and social security law

Employment law and social security law


Employment law and social security

Individual and collective labour relations

We assist you throughout all employment contracts and in your relations with the staff representatives.

  • Individual and collective dispute settlement: execution and severance of employment contracts, discrimination, harassment
  • Specific clauses in the employment contract: non-competition clauses, terms of payment
  • Working hours: establishment and change management, daily rate
  • “CSE” (comité social et économique) Works Council, Group Works Council: establishment and renewal of membership, management of regular and occasional consultations, (information, consultation, etc).
  • Disputes concerning professional elections
  • Collective agreements: negotiation, drafting, denunciation
  • Employee saving schemes: incentives and profit-sharing
health and safety at work

We assist you in controlling health and safety risks.

  • Risk prevention and management
    • Audit, counsel and drafting of mandatory documents (“DUER” document unique d’évaluation des risques – unique risk evaluation document –, prevention plans, safety protocols)
    • Prevention and management of psycho-social risks
    • Assistance in interactions with the works doctor, “CARSAT” (caisses d’assurance retraite et de la santé au travail) retirement and occupational health funds, Labour Inspectorate
  • Work-related accidents and occupational illnesses
    • Assistance in relations with the “CPAM” (Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie) national health insurance office: reservations, investigations, employer’s report
    • Challenge to the accident/illness declaration
    • Litigation in the case of gross misconduct (faute inexcusable)

Working with the corporate law team, we manage the social aspects of all operations involving restructuring, transfers and acquisitions.

  • Management of transfer of employment contracts and the collective status in the context of transfers, acquisitions and reorganisations,
  • “PSE” (plan de sauvegarde de l’emploi) redundancy plans, collective dismissals: Strategy, negotiation, drafting
  • Secondment, mobility
managing executives

C2J Avocats supports managing executives and expatriate executives as they determine their status and advises them during all negotiations

  • Concurrent holding of a corporate office and an employment contract: negotiations, drafting, GARP report
  • Secondment and expatriation
  • Negotiated departure
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